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Per User License

When indicated, our Plugins are licensed “per user”. This means that one license must be purchased for each user working on a project using the Plugin.

This is done accordingly to the Epic Content License Agreement, section “Marketplace Content Addendum”, comma 1 “Marketplace Plug-ins”:

Plugins may be offered to you on a per user basis. Such Plugins may only be used by the number of users that you have purchased licenses for. Distribution of Plugins in source format to your employees, affiliates and contractors is permitted so long as use by those employees, affiliates and contractors does not cause you to exceed the number of paid users you have purchased for the Plugin. Any such Distributions will be subject to the terms of Section 4 of the Agreement. Additionally, any Projects you incorporate Plugins into may only be Distributed as Engine Tools under the Unreal Engine Agreement.

and also confirmed by the UE Marketplace KB:

Plugin files can be shared, but licenses will need to be purchased for each user that will be using the plugin.

So, accordingly to the licensing terms above, each user working on an Unreal Engine project using the Plugin must buy a valid license of the Plugin to use it in the Unreal Engine Editor.

For relevant purchase orders, you can contact us to discuss volume discounts or other options.


If you encounter a warning dialog and you have a valid user license, ensure that:

  • you're running Epic Games Launcher (EGL) in background (do not quit/kill it);
  • you're correctly logged-in with the account that purchased the plugin;
  • the connection icon near your username is green (i.e. EGL is correctly connected to Epic back-ends).

The entitlement check is done by PluginWarden, a system developed by Epic Games and part of Unreal Engine. It communicates with EGL to check your entitlements on the remote UE Marketplace back-ends.

If the problem persists:

  • try rebooting the PC (to force EGL to refresh its local data and re-connect to the back-ends);
  • check the Windows Defender Firewall, it could have been configured to block connections to EGL

If the issue can't be solved, since the problem is between components by Epic Games (PluginWarden that fails to connect to EGL, and/or EGL that fails to validate your purchase with the UE Marketplace back-ends), contact the UE Marketplace Support by Epic Games (https://marketplacehelp.epicgames.com/s/) reporting that PluginWarden fails to validate your purchase.

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